About Us

SeekACE Solutions is an emerging leader in the field of Data Science which capitalizes its talent pool in providing customized AI solutions.
SeekACE Solutions came into existence under the prodigious leadership of our Director Ms. Rajkiran Khangarot. She started as a programmer, digitizing data for mappers. Her love for data and a keen eye for trends, molded SeekACE Solutions into an emerging leader for product development and customization with a strong blend of Data Science and AI.
Ms. Rajkiran Khangarot

SeekACE Competency

Cloud Computing
Digital Marketing
Product & Web Development


Data Enthusiasts

We provide customized data products to give valuable insights for Predictive Analysis

Web Developers

We conceptualize, design and create digital, content-rich products

Digital Marketers

We ensure harmony between client’s strategies with their digital footprint to assist them in reaching full potential


We assist in conceiving and developing digital solutions to real world problems


We provide a nurturing platform for the next-gen to learn the trade secrets under the guidance of Industry Veterans

AI Experts

We develop AI solutions for your business problems

Our Mission

SeekACE works towards partnering with like-minded technology, consultancy firms and provide them with customized solutions which will enable them with competitive advantage in the market by providing a better way of serving their clients. By Synergyizing our expertise in the field of Data Science along with the advancements in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, SeekACE strives to provide its clients deeper insights into data and enhance their output by automating repetitive tasks, thereby reducing operational costs.

about us

Why Choose SeekACE

Seekace continuously works to provide innovative and better solutions using the most advanced technologies. Clients can depend, trust and count on us. We follow the latest trend and anticipate the changes required so that it gets implemented in a way which makes you digitally empowered. Our team comprises of experts who have 12+ years of experience in various domains who are aware of the needs of global market. We offer the best digital solutions and provide value adding services. Grow your business and be future ready with Seekace.

  • Skilled and knowledgeable team of experts rendering ceaseless service.
  • Economical and cost-effective solutions which fits your budget.
  • 24x7 support service to our clients ensuring quality.
  • Believe in ethics and integrity. Taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Concentration on development and up for any challenge.

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