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Application of Data Science in
Health Care


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Data Science is rapidly growing to occupy all the industries of the world today. In this topic, I will discuss how data science is transforming the healthcare sector and in SeekACE what we are presently developing to implement a real-life application. I will explain various underlying concepts of data science, used in medicine and biotechnology. I hope you all are doing great and I take this opportunity to introduce myself to those who are new to my blogs. I am Rajkiran, General Manager of SeekACE Solutions. SeekACE is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic developers who work in various fields such as C, C++ Socket programing, .Net, ORACLE ATG development and very recently we have started building Data Science applications for our customers. In this distributed field of Data Science and its applications which comprises of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language processing, work has an immense joyful activity to us. It brings in that willingness that at times we are over charged. Even after all my efforts, I personally, spend time to write because I wish share our blissfulness with everyone around us. I hope my readers also feel the same satisfaction when they are with me.

Let us move to our today’s discussion. We all know and everyone will agree that Medicine and Healthcare are one of the most important part of present human lives. Traditionally, medicine solely relied on the discretion advised by the doctors. For example, a doctor would have to suggest suitable treatments based on a patient’s symptoms. However, this wasn’t always correct and was prone to human errors. Now particular to the advancements in computers and Data Science, it is now possible to obtain accurate diagnostic measures. There are several fields in healthcare in which we are going to deal with and some of them are medical imaging, drug discovery, genetics, predictive diagnosis by using data science. We will go through each field one by one, with examples of our recent development actions in SeekACE.

We will start with the application of Data Science for Medical Imaging. The primary and foremost use of data science in the health industry is through medical imaging. There are various imaging techniques like X-Ray, MRI and CT Scan. All these techniques visualize the inner parts of the human body. Traditionally, doctors would manually inspect these images and find irregularities within them. However, it was often difficult to find microscopic deformities and as a result, doctors could not suggest a proper diagnosis.

We are going to use the deep learning technologies in data science, it is now possible to find such microscopic deformities in the scanned images. Through image segmentation, it is possible to search for defects present in the scanned images. Other than this, there are also other image processing techniques like image recognition using Support Vector Machines, image enhancement and reconstruction, edge detection etc. There are several other methods that are applied to enhance the images and improve the accuracy of the outcome. In our application we are using Big Data platforms like Hadoop and trying to apply MapReduce to find parameters that can be used in various tasks. We are presently in the process of tying up with one of the best imaging company of the world who also has a manufacturing unit in India to enhance their final output which are mostly images.

We are also trying to analyze the data and answer a descriptive solution of the images. We are collaborating with experts in this field. The challenge is, there are lot of variables which we have to considered while we are trying to create a solution. When I am speaking of variables, let me give you an example. Suppose when we are look at an X – Ray image, we have to consider these factors like age, gender, height, weight, body posture, previous aliments. Now this may seem to be very generic and particular to a person, but to go for a Deep Learning solution we will have to deal with more variables like race, geographical location, even at times we may have to consider present as well as previous climate for the person being considered. Now, as we all know that a bigger training data set is required for any predictive or prescriptive analysis and the process becomes time consuming.

Thank you for reading this article and being with me. Let me know through a feedback. I will love to connect and be with you. Please share what you are doing and enjoy doing it. Keep in touch. In my following articles, I will try to discuss about other developments in SeekACE regarding application of Data Science in Medical sector.

I will once again personally thank my social media friends who are taking time to reshare my post. You guys are my biggest motivation and driving force to write more & more. See you next time. Till then Take care.

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