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Let’s connect with EMBER PLUS

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December 10, 2019



The technologyto control protocols & broadcast systems has become aconsiderable topicwhich keeps manufacturers and systems managers busy for a long period. In this field, Ember + is a great initiative of the LAWO Group.It is developed on open standard platform. Ember + has become great advantage for small business companies as well as multinational enterprises for a well-worth management to control datatransmission protocols.

Objective to develop EmBER

EmBER has been developed to create a path & encode the data effectively & transmit it between various embedded systems and electronic devices including hardware resources. EmBER initially used to serialize the data to long-lasting & stable memory. (e.g. File storage to hard disk). Basic Encoding Rules helps to allowequipment to communicate with effortless development activities.It is used to give real time flexibility and effective communication facility in the applications using Ember + protocol.

BER is considered as Basic Encoding Rules to describe how data and information are to be encoded and decoded. It helps to encode algorithms and develop small data packets to encode the embedded systems. It takes care of data types, values and data length while encoding the data by tags.

EmBER + has been designed to provide following development aspirations

  • Compliance to well-known and highly adopted standards
  • Standard size of encoding data in order to minimize transmission load.
  • Platform Independence.
  • XML – type flexibility & efficiency
  • Binary storage of values to encode and decode data effectively.


EMBER PLUS (Ember +) is known as open source control protocol, which is originated by LAWO& L-S-B Broadcast Systems and Technologies.It is an acronym of “Embedded Basic Encoding Rules”. Ithelps to design a path for different broadcast systems, software and hardware to share & control information and messages. Ember + allows the interaction between supportive endpoints, in which one is data provider & other one could be a consumer. A set of hardware can be considered as data provider which offers the combination of different controllable parameters, while monitoring-systems or display monitor, which is used to give access to all controlling parameters, may be taken as consumer.

Development inclination includes

  • Using EMBER PLUS technology is easy for developers to understand and implicate.

  • Least/Minimal user hardware are required to implement & control devices. (Ember + provider can be used for mixing console, define and published the tree of implemented parameters & to reflect the current status of broadcasting systems e.g. Switch turn on/off, Volume control, level etc.)

  • Real-time possibilities to execute the Ember + on a wider range of broadcast & hardware platforms. (From basic microprocessors all ways up to Hi-Tech & powerful PCs.)

  • Least Development efforts and less time consumptions required to communicate and design a path for new unknown devices after implementation of Ember Plus on the product.

Hints to implement Ember + Protocol

Standard of Ember + refers three major data representation technologies, that is used to figure out& design the data layouts and comply with rules and norms mentioned below:

  • Glow word is used for data schema which refers the data types used to interact and transfer Ember + information.

  • EmBER is utilised as encoding part that stores instances of the data types referred by the

  • S101 is considered as framing protocol which is used to convey broadcast EmBER encoded data in order to define integrity.

While comparing the process of transmitting well-encoded Ember + information to the transmitting process of standard webpage, following mentioned layers are considered as outcome for data representation.

  • Glow & XHTML
  • EmBER & XML
  • S101& HTTP
  • ember

List of the companies who are using EMBER + Technology:

#SLG Broadcast
#Solid State Logic
#Evertz (Magnum)
#Grassvalley (Ignite)

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