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Training for Experienced Data Science


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It’s time to polish your data science skills for a better future. Invest your two months in our training program to develop your data science skills and harvest a better future for sure. It is a short but practical course designed for Data Science enthusiastic, keeping in mind the full-time students. We offer a virtual environment with Online & Classroom working sessions. Don’t let the lockdown stop you from learning what you are most passionate about. Register today for the best data science course training in Jaipur!!

SeekACE, being the best data science training institute in Jaipur offers a 2 months trainee project which is comprehensive, hands-on, and programmed for creating excellence in data science. Under the guidance of trained industry experts and mentors from US, Canada & India, you’ll get an opportunity of working on live project in Data Science and develop your own portfolio your prospective employers.

Why data science?

Data comes in a lot of forms, most relevantly from our phones and activity on the internet. All of this information is of no use to anyone if it sits alone, without any context and this is where Data Science — the systematic extraction of knowledge from data — comes into picture.

Data scientists uses data to make predictions about specific fields, analyse business operations and make suggestions, and get a grasp on the state of everything from artificial intelligence to economics. Information extracted from data has a real value which can break or make a business decision.

Some Facts

  • The Harvard Business Review has termed Data Science as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st century”

  • The demand for data scientists will rise by 28% by 2020 alone.

  • Professionals having skill set of Big Data and Machine Learning can command huge salaries

  • According to PwC, there is a growing trend in organisations to hire skilled resources in the fields of Data Science

  • Field is young – 65% of total Data Science work force have an average experience of less than 5 years with significant hiring (20%) being at fresher level

Why SeekACE?

With the help of our dedicated academic team we at SeekACE are able to provide with the best mix of theoretical as well as implementation insights pre-requisite in today’s competitive corporate environment through our data science certification training in Jaipur. Under the watchful guidance of our academic team, comprising of PhD holders that are pioneers in their respective fields. Trainees seeking data science course in Jaipur at SeekACE Solutions gets to exploit the rarest opportunity of benefiting not only from their knowledge but also get a hands-on experience of working on live DataScience projects and avail the best data science certification.

Objective of this course

  • Experience working under trained industry experts from American and Canadian markets

  • Experience working on a live projects with feedback from mentors, client, prospects etc

  • Get an experience certificate for working on a DS project

  • Get an experience certificate for working on a DS project

Trainer/Project Manager –

consist of 6 members such as

  • Ph.D. from University of Delaware. Currently Postdoctoral Researcher at Mcgill University. Canada

  • Ph.D. from George Mason University. from Indian Institute of Science. Working currently as Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University, USA

  • Certified SAP Consultant having MBA from Amity Business School, Noida, with 12 years of experience as Project Manager.

Two very senior industry experts working in relevant fields are also part of the team as data science trainer. Under their guidance the project implementation will be done in data science placement training in Jaipur.


Basic Knowledge of R/Python etc

The batches for data science classes in Jaipur are going to start soon. Share your resume at earliest to register your interest.

***Students are requested to bring own laptops with sufficient computing power. For additional computing requirements we will use our cloud infrastructure.

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