Choosing The Right Programming Language To Learn

Choosing The Right Programming Language To Learn

Technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. Almost all industries be it the automobile sector, banking sector, healthcare sector, finance industry, educational sector and many more rely heavily on computer programs. Programmers are high in demand all over the world because of multiple career options and huge salary packages, therefore it becomes a dire necessity in this digital era for programmers, to upgrade their skills and learn a new programming language to take their careers to the next level or become proficient in the existing ones, in order to keep pace in this fast tech changing environment.

Learning a language is often an investment of time, money and brainpower so choosing the right one is often a herculean task. To develop different types of applications, different languages are used, so which is the right language for you, depends on several factors such as prior programming experience, purpose of learning a language, level of difficulty, ease in operations, various platforms it is used etc.

Listed below are some languages which are popularly in demand and preferred by employers. We have listed their purpose, their level of complexities, pros and cons. So, go ahead and take the plunge to empower yourself with a new programming language.

Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2020
  1. Python

    python Python is the most popular programming language because it’s apt for beginners without any prior coding knowledge. It has an easy syntax which makes programming simple and codes readable. Its user-friendly data structures, large standard libraries and English like commands makes it highly productive as compared to other programming languages such as C++ and java.

    Python is used globally to design 2D imaging software such as GIMP, scribus, paintshop pro and several 3D animations packages like Houdini, blender, Autodesk etc. It is a wonderful platform to perform multimedia tasks and has been used in applications such as Tim player, c play. Popular PC games such as Freedom Force, Civilization IV have been written in python but it isn’t good enough for higher end games. You Tube video sharing service and The Dropbox storage service codes are mainly written in python, moreover popular websites like Pinterest, Quora and Instagram also use python. Python is not good for mobile development and is slow in performance and speed but is widely popular because of its flexibility and ease. Python developers are high in demand and an experienced python developer can earn approximately $1,00,000 per year.

  2. Java

    javaJava is a popular and the most used programming language these days. It is a fully object -oriented programming language and was first developed by Sun Microsystems owned by Oracle corporation. It has the capabilities to be run on any platform be Microsoft windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android etc because of its “write once ,run -everywhere” feature (WORA).Its fast, secure and reliable attributes makes it perfect for the banking sector ,e-commerce sector, transaction management services, stock markets and many more. Java is used in popular websites like Google, You tube, Amazon, LinkedIn and e bay. Google’s Gmail is a perfect example of Java.

    Java has become the backbone of millions of applications significantly for applications involving scientific and mathematical operations. It is running on more than 3 billion devices today and has a large community with several blogs, websites and forums providing constant support to java developers.

    Although java is relatively difficult than python and is not suited for beginners due to higher coding skills, knowing java opens numerous doors for a developer and can earn him somewhere around $94,000 per year.

  3. Java Script

    java-script Java script is a high-level object oriented, logic-based programming language that enables you to create interactivity in otherwise static web pages. It can be used to modify a content and behave in response to a user’s action. An important example of java script is Slide-in-call to action button that we often use. Almost all the modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla-Firefox support java script and now its usage has extended to mobile applications as well. Java script is a wonderful language to learn because of its speed, simplicity, popularity, flexibility and enhanced functionality and is therefore used in building mobile applications, interactive games, several animations and for special effects. Majority of well-established websites such as Google, You tube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo use java script for both its front end and back end operations. Despite of the fact that Java script does not have multiprocessor capabilities and can be interpreted differently by different browsers, it is very popular because it can be updated regularly. The approximate salary of java script developer can be around $72,000 per year.

  4. C #

    c C# is a general purpose, object oriented simple, modern and yet the most powerful programming language developed by Microsoft in 2000 which runs within the. NET framework. It is one of the most valuable programming languages and has many similarities with languages such as C, C++ or Java. Interesting games such as shadow run returns, Bastion etc are developed using C#. Its fast speed, rich library, component-oriented programs and portability makes it highly expressive and is therefore loved by software developers. Its high memory backup and low maintenance cost makes it best suited for applications on windows, iOS and Android. Though it is not a flexible language and is a bit slow, it is used in backend of several websites such as Dell, Go daddy, Bing, Visual studio and Market watch. A C# developer can fetch $90,000 per year.

  5. C/C++

    c++C is a widely used general purpose programming language and has influenced many languages such as C#, Java, Java script, Python. C combines features of both high level and low-level languages and helps complex programs to be broken into simpler ones. It is highly portable and is used in various applications such as games, graphics and applications requiring calculations.

    C++ is an enhanced version of C language where large-scale applications can be built. Its high performance and fast execution speed make it widely used in 3D software, visual effects and animation. Several big companies like Firefox, Google, Facebook, Adobe etc use C++. The average salary of a C++ developer is around $90,000 per year.

  6. Swift

    swiftSwift has become one of the fastest growing language in history developed by apple in 2014 for all mac and Linux applications. It is a modern open source interactive programming language which is fast, safe, powerful, easy to learn and has therefore become the preferred language for many starts ups because of better readability, low maintenance and less coding. Swift supports popular iOS apps such as Firefox, Word press, Artsy, VSCO. Swift is the future of mobile development and many apps such as LinkedIn, Lyft have upgraded their iOS apps in swift. Swift is not a difficult language to learn and a swift developer can earn around $90,000 per year

  7. Ruby

    ruby Ruby was developed and designed in 1990s by Yukihiro Matsumoto to make programmers happy. Ruby is a pure object-oriented language which focuses on simplicity and productivity and has a simpler syntax to languages such as Pearl and Python. It is highly portable, flexible and compatible with several other languages. Numerous web applications, web servers, database works use Ruby programmes. Ruby on Rails {ROR} is an open source web development framework written in ruby and is popular in companies like Airnb, Disney, GitHub, Shopify etc. Ruby on Rails is for everyone and has a vast growing community which votes for its shorter learning time and ease in learning. Awesome video games are developed using Ruby. A ruby on rails developer can easily earn an average salary of $1,00,000 per year.

    Although there are more than 600 programming languages to choose from, the above listed ones are the most popular in our opinion. Coding is a non-ending process so whatever you choose, it will be challenging at first and will be really overwhelming but once you have made your choice depending on different attributes opt for simplilearn for both training and certification. We offer excellent training courses in all the above languages and provide solution to all your software learning requirements. Our well-structured programs, interactive training sessions, hands -on practice on live projects along with 24×7 support will empower you to enhance your career prospects and earn you a great package.