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Data Science Development in Jaipur –

data science Data Science and predictive analytics services offered by SeekACE, at Jaipur, enables organizations to develop customized statistical and machine learning models to leverage advanced customer, operational and stream analytics in real time. With our solutions, you can provide the right information to everyone in your enterprise – including in-depth analysis and reporting capabilities that are required to understand business, make the right decisions, gain the competitive edge and increase profitability. At SeekACE, we are an enthusiastic team of Data Scientists, who are passionate in building AI-powered products and solutions that address real-world business problems. We help enterprises embrace AI to make superior decisions, focus on innovation, and gain unparalleled efficiencies. For companies seeking to build AI-driven smart businesses, SeekACE is the go-to partner to pilot projects, develop concept prototypes, develop models and tackle complex industry challenges.

We at SeekACE has developed our customized products for some of the industry segments like banking, transportation and medical sector. You will find a brief description of our work in our blogs. We are a group of developers who have an average experience of 12+ in the IT industry. Our Data Science team is headed by our General Manager, Ms. Rajkiran Khangarot. She has a vast experience of working in India as well as USA. For every project of Data Science, the team consists of a heterogeneous mixture of experts from numerous domains. Our approach is smart and simple. We start with defining the problem with our Academic Group. Our academic group is a panel of Data Scientists who are research scholars from Universities like Columbia University (New York), IIT and esteemed Universities. When an application or product is discovered by the Business Analysis team the Academic group maps the required skill set for the desired team and sets a time frame to work.s

Our first task is to analyze the customer need and point-out the variables which customer deals within that business operation. We must determine the form of data which may be available. The constrain levels also give us a range in which the input data may vary. The next job is to estimate the space which is required to handle this data set. Most of the time the actual job begins with data cleaning. After that we have a set of data which must be used, we try to visualize them and try to find any pattern which may be applicable for the set of given data. Slowly, other aspects come into place like finding the right algorithm to analyze the data and develop models. Finally, we start training the machine to analyze the data and give us a desired output which may be descriptive, predictive or prescriptive. The ultimate challenge is to deploy the system in the customer working environment where it can be used.

Data Science Training in Jaipur –

Now, with the increasing demand in the IT industry for Data Scientists, along with other organizations we are also facing a shortage of qualified resources. To address this problem from the root, for the first time in Jaipur, we are the only organization which has partnered with some of the esteemed Universities to promote Data Science training for students who are pursuing M. Sc. (Mathematics / Statistics) or Master of Computer Application or from Engineering background. We have our training batches and internship programs in Data Science going on in our office campus. Our Data Science training program is the best of its class in Jaipur. We follow the work and learn methods which are implemented in Europe and USA. The training program is also designed in two phases. The first phase is of two months wherein the students have a theoretical session with one or two languages likes Python, R. They also get accustomed to different IDEs and different libraries. One more important thing that we take care for our students is they also learn about the different deployment platforms and collaborators to work in a development situation. The second phase of the training is about a support role wherein the students start assisting our engineers and learn while they are working. We try our best to maintain a healthy environment for nurturing everyone's talent. We also have a flexible working time to ease the daily personal life of our team members.

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