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I am Rajkiran, General Manager, SeekACE Software Pvt. Ltd. I am familiar to my connections for my blogs on our developments on Data Science Applications by our growing software organization based in Jaipur, India. Today, as the world is passing through this un-circumvented attack of COVID-19, I with my team members are trying our best to stand by our organization and by this world. I dedicate this blog to all the family members of SeekACE team.
With the outbreak of this pandemic, we started working from home since 18th March, 2020, with the concern that our team members safety is of highest priority to us. Today, I am relieved that all my colleagues are safe and doing well. I am proud that we are a serving, the orders of our State Govt. as well as Central Govt. and our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, our nation. We have teamed up and we are going to fight this outbreak by following strict quarantine. I feel blessed that till now the situation in India, with a population of more than One hundred forty crores, number of people affected are less than 1200, till Monday, March 30, 2020 and this is really good news and it is the silver lining which is our strength.
I truly understand how this has shattered the economic condition of the entire world, with our esteemed customers in Europe and US, I deeply regret the present situation of Europeans and Americans. My deepest condolences for those who have lost their near and dear ones. Like others, I am also deeply worried about the future of our business and I am deeply focused towards the strategies that we shall implement for best results. But worries don’t haunt me because like all the leaders, worries and concerns about the future of my business lines are quite normal and with all the dynamics of life I have to strongly deal with them. My worries and anxieties also don’t let me to frustration or depression since I trust our board of directors and I love working with my team members. I will particularly mention about my team members since I found all of them working very hard and progressing every day.
My team members, with all odds, are giving their best and meeting their deadlines. Especially, the UI / UX team is presently dealing with more than four customers and I truly appreciate their efforts. From the deepest core of my heart, I wish to thank the Academic group members who are still collaborating with our development team from US and other parts of India. My fellow team members are so collaborative and co-operative that on Sunday evenings we work and we enjoy and have fun. I feel really blessed about my team.
Now I am bit familiar with the families of my team members, with our Skype / Zoom Calls, I have started recognizing the background voices. I can visualize the rooms of my team members from where they are working and in everyday morning call, I also get to know who all are late in getting up and still didn’t got their morning tea. Regarding tea, coffee and refreshment, we have a great performer in our office – Divakar. At times I am also confused, do people wait for Divakar or they wait for a refreshment break. Please share your honest comments, do you guys wait for your refreshment breaks in your offices? Many times, that chit chat over a coffee is so refreshing and rejuvenating.
My dear readers, today I wish to share a secret with you. Please do not share it with anyone. After my studies in India and US, with my family and job, with everything I have learnt many things and sometimes I have implemented few things successfully and at times there were also failures. But I have learnt one thing and that is fear is the greatest enemy and till date I am unable to conquer it. I know we all are afraid; however, we must conquer ourselves. I alone may not be strong enough but we unitedly can definitely win our fear our uncertainty. It is like, in the medieval period a solider standing in war got stuck by an arrow. Just think of his pain and he is trying to recover. What if a second arrow pierce him right at that moment. This COVID – 19, is the first arrow and all of us are hit. Now our reaction to the situation should not be the second arrow piercing us and increase our pain and suffering and anxiety and lead us to depression. Now the “secret” – if you are down please calm down. Utilize your intelligence over emotions which leads to panic buying or some stupid actions. Just answer one question – has the economic condition of Germany changed because their finance minister Late Thomas Schafer committed suicide on a railway track? Please think rationally before you act. It took millions of years of evolution for us to become the most superior creature on this planet. We are ruling because of our intelligence, we became superior to all the species on this planet.
Please reconsider all your thoughts. Have you forgotten the journey of your life till now? It was never easy for anyone of us? Where ever we have reached today, it took us a battle, we have overcome so many challenges of our life till now. There was always hardship and lunch was never free. This COVID – 19, is just another challenge. It will be also over as nothing is constant. Only thing which is needed is endurance and patience. Rome was not built in a day. There was enormous sacrifice to build Rome and we all have sacrificed many things in our lives to build our Rome. Now when we are facing another challenge we must hold on; time will definitely change. We must not forget that after every night there is a dawn and after every winter there will be spring. It is just another test for ourselve.
Let us connect, let us collaborate and let us unite to fight this present situation with our intelligence so that we prosper towards a better world.
Thank You, very much for reading this article. We will catch up very soon with something new. Please share your thoughts and comments. Take care and Stay safe! Bye!

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